Laborers National Pension Fund (LNPF) is strongly committed to protecting the privacy of participants and employers associated with this Fund. Reasonable steps are taken to prevent unauthorized use and disclosure of confidential information.

Use of this website is limited to contributing contractors or employers who remit on behalf of their laborers. An employer or authorized representative of that employer must register on the website to be authorized to use it. To register, an employer must first contact the Fund Office to request account activation. The employer will be given a user ID and a temporary password will be generated. Once that information is forwarded to the employer, he or she will take the required steps to make their account fully functional, as described in the user manual.

Once an employer registers, a "cookie" is placed on your computer by the website. A computer "cookie" is a small text file that contains a unique identification tag. The website saves a matching tag file that contains the registration information provided by the employer. These matching tags enable the website to recognize the employer whenever he or she signs on to the website in the future. LNPF website's "cookie" cannot read any information that is on the employer's computer. Computers use "browsers" (computer programs) to search out and communicate with Internet websites. The "browser" program may enable an employer to block "cookies" from being attached to his or her computer. Blocking the LNPF website's "cookie" may prevent an employer from registering and using the website.

LNPF treats banking information, Social Security Numbers, contact information, and all other personally identifiable information about a participant or employer as confidential and uses this information only for purposes of properly administering LNPF including compliance with applicable law, court orders and legal process. Only LNPF employees that need personally identifiable information to perform their particular job functions are allowed access to such information. LNPF does not rent or sell any information regarding its participants or pensioners.

Any information provided to us through the internet is protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. An SSL certificate enables encryption, or scrambles, sensitive information during online transactions and data transmissions to make it virtually impossible for anyone other than you and LNPF to view the data.

Use of LNPF's website constitutes acceptance by the user of this privacy policy. LNPF may update and modify this privacy policy from time to time, and use of the website following such a change constitutes by the user of this change in the privacy policy.

Last updated September 2009